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Lots of new stuff happening..

I’ve made a commitment to return to the Camino this coming August with my business partner, George and a close friend of his, Larry. Tickets are booked for August 24th. We’ll be gone for six weeks.

I’ve also written more in the past two months than I have in the past ten years on my novel, The Theft of the Twelve Days.

Details to follow.

Web Site Re-Work

Today I have totally revamped by long-suffering web site, I am creating separate pages for my life, i.e. Family, Work, Play, Interest under these headings:

Goings On – For current events in my life

What I do – Work related items and help for my clients

Who I am – My interest in the world around me, Camino de Santiago, Ironman, Photography and Writing to name a few

Stay tuned for further developments.

My Life

My life’s path has not always been clear nor straight, sometimes rocky, sometimes foggy, it has been my path and I’m glad of it.

2/13/17 – mvanert