In 2014 I walked a large portion of the Camino de Santiago with my sister Lezlie. Before I began my Camino I had a certain image of what this journal would be like, from the contents to the style of my writing. The purpose of my Camino was to take photographs of the seven major cathedrals along ‘The Way” as a reward to those that were sponsoring my trip and that was a major factor (that and my getting ill) in choosing to take a bus as often as we did. We walked almost half of the French Camino at about 350 km. I returned to the Camino in 2016, but that is another story.


I began walking and traveling by bus and walking again. Everything changed, my conception of what the Camino is, the depth of the information about each cathedral I was willing to include and the meaning of my Camino. This transformation was been brought about because of the physicality of my Camino. I was not prepared as much as I thought I was for the immensity of the journey. And I got sick, not once, but twice. And then there are the Spanish people, the food, the villages, the towns and cities. There is something about walking through alleys, vineyards, along highways both modern and ancient, through forest and farm yards, along rivers and ridge lines that changed my whole reason for creating this journal. Certainly, it is about the cathedrals, but it is even more about the journey.


To read about my journey click on the link to the PDF file.


Michael Van Ert